Francine Dufour Jones

Art by Francine

Francine Dufour Jones - Art by Francine


This is today’s painting of some Christmas ornaments done with alcohol inks. I really enjoy exploring ways to combine and include many art forms.  If still available you may see more information  Daily Paint Works:

How to Paint With Alcohol Inks

The first section is on my favorite supplies. You can just download the PDF list and or you can watch the video on supplies which is about 11 minutes long. PDF supply list: click here.

*Note* after making this video I changed my preferred Pinata  primary colors to Senorita Magenta, Baja Blue, and Sun Bright Yellow

Painting on Tile

If you would like to jump start your learning curve with alcohol inks enroll in the online self-paced alcohol ink course.
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About Self Paced Alcohol Ink Course

Here is a short video was taken from The Online Silk Painting Class. It shows a popular basic technique used in silk Painting.

If you would like more information about the Self Paced Online Silk Painting Course click here.