Online Course

Cost of this course is  now only $65.00 see button at the bottom of the

Start Now Take as Long as You Want

This course is designed to be 4 weeks plus a bonus week. The bonus week will include extra videos and materials things as how to make stencils, gifts, presentation of your art, and more.

How the Online Course Works:
All the lessons are online and categorized by weeks plus I have added some bonus videos in week 5.

Do not feel pressured to do everything in the week’s material. The beauty of an online e-course is that you can go totally at your own pace. You can watch the videos as many times as you wish. You have plenty of time!

Prior to Starting
Watch the basic free class. In this class, you will learn what supplies to get, and suggestions where you can get them. You will learn a basic technique of painting with alcohol inks.

What You Will Get:
We will explore various methods such as free flow, pour, use resist, painting with brushes, cotton swabs, and more.  We have movies, written material, resources, and line drawing designs or templates.  You will get information on how to jump in, and hopefully will be inspired to continue with this wonderful medium. You have week-by-week projects to do with step-by-step instructions. You will proceed at your own pace.

Who Should Take This Course?
Alcohol ink has something for everyone from professional artists to those who have never painted at all. I believe we all have a creative spirit within us. Online classes are unique in that there are no limitations on location. You can live anywhere in the world and still attend.

I  plan on retiring this course and refreshing and cutting it up into smaller pieces. I have not had time to do this so it is still active. I plan on taking the very first very basic part out and making it free. 
So I am now reducing the price to $65.  You will still have lifetime access to this course.
The cost of this 4-week course plus bonus classes is a one-time fee of $85.  


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