Francine Dufour Jones

Art by Francine

Francine Dufour Jones - Art by Francine

Computer 101 for Artists

The computer is not the boss of us!

After all we are free creative spirits and  no computer needs to keep us hostage.
Hi. My name is Francine Dufour Jones. I am an artist and web designer.
The majority of my clients in the past have been creative types. Artists, photographers, writers, designers, and boutique stores. It is common I work with such creative individuals who are so gifted in their field.
When it comes to the computer, I have found a few basic things that might help if they knew a few simple things.
Like how do I send an image? How do I get an image of my art on my computer? I do I photograph my work? How do I get a website? How do I size an image for print, orInternet? What is the difference? What free sources are available to me? How do I do a blog and why should ? How do I get my work seen?
I am starting this blog in hopes of helping answer some of these questions and share ideas of creative people.
Visit the blog Computer 101 for Artists